The Education Committee of the Swiss AES Section has developed a reglementation for a sound technician exam which is approved by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SBFI/SEFRI/SERI)

The AES announces the new Federal Diploma - the TAV (Audiovisual Technician)

More than 20 years after the establishment of the "Sound Technician" Federal Diploma, the AES Swiss Section is proud to announce it's participation in the creation of a new Federal Diploma, the TAV - or "Audiovisual Technician".

The new diploma meets a demand from the Swiss broadcast, film and post-production industries for the elaboration of a diploma that recognises the AV world. The Swiss AES is one of four industry organisations participating and the first exams will be in 2019.

You can find full details in the règlement that is downloadable here in three languages.

Reglementation documents

Reglement Tontechniker 2003 german (PDF document)
Reglement technicien du son 2003 french (PDF document)

Prüfungsordnung Technikerin / Techniker Audio Video (TAV) 2017 german (PDF document)
Règlement Technicienne / Technicien Audiovisuel (TAV) 2017 french (PDF document)
Regolamento Tecnica / Tecnico deII‘audiovisivo (TAV) 2017 italian (PDF document)


The exams will be held between the 19th August and the 30th of August 2019 and will be organized by the AES Swiss Section in collaboration with the SERI

Inscription for the Brevet Federal 'Sound Technician' exam is now open.
Closing date for all inscriptions is the 24th of March 2019!


Exam Registration Forms "SOUND TECHNICIAN" 2019

Anmeldung zur eidgenössischen Berufsprüfung Tontechnikerin / Tontechniker (PDF document)
Iscrizione all'esame di professione "Tecnica del Suono / Tecnico del Suono" (PDF document)
Inscription à l'examen professionnel "Technicienne du son / Technicien du son" (PDF document)

1st FEDERAL EXAM "TAV (Audiovisual Technician)" 2019

The exams will be held between the 26th August and the 29th of August 2019 in Bern

Inscription for the Brevet Federal 'Audiovisual Technician' exam is now open.
Closing date for all inscriptions is the 15th of April 2019!

Applicationform German (PDF document)
Applicationform French (PDF document)
Applicationform Italian (PDF document)

Send your complete application documentation to:

Commission d'examen BF Audiovisuel/TAV
c/o Goeldlin
Boulevard Paderewski 26
CH-1800 Vevey

see for more details

Schools preparing for the exam "SOUND TECHNICIAN"

Currently, following schools offer a preparation course for the federal exam:

Please note that the AES is not responsible for the quality of the courses offered.

Swiss AES Section Education Committee

As elected

Alfio Di Fazio
Patrick Roe
Dirk Noy
Philippe Donnet
Philippe Sauvain
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